Facts and “Did you know”s

How big is an elephant’s tooth?

An elephant’s tooth can weight 6 whole pounds and can measure one foot across.

Who invented the toothbrush?

Every toothbrush could boast the “Made in China” sticker as the first toothbrush was invented in China! Around 1600 BC the Chinese invented chewing sticks that were used to clean out their teeth. It would be another few hundred years until the traditional toothbrush with bristles would be invented.

Teeth Cleanings / Periodontal Health ?

It is a fact that your oral health can effect more than your mouth.  Preterm labor, heart valve disease, joint replacement failure are among a list of problems that can stem directly from an unhealthy mouth.  All of this can be avoided by daily oral hygiene and professional cleanings.  If you haven’t been in to see the dentist for a while, don’t wait.  Most problems can be stopped if caught soon enough.

The most expensive tooth in history?

The most valuable tooth belonged to Sir Isaac Newton. In 1816 one of his teeth was sold in London for $3,633.00 or today’s terms $35,700.00. The tooth was set in a ring.